Oooooh snap, you just got “ethically phished”

DON’T WORRY you are safe!

In the future, you might want to be a little more careful where you enter sensitive information.

For now, you are safe. This was an ethical phishing scam to raise awareness. You probably want to head back to where you received the link. Somebody is probably anxious to know if you are phish-proof or not.

 A bit of context: What is The Slippery Phish Project? 

a.k.a. TSPP is an awareness campaign about phishing scams. Revealing the underlying and manipulative layer of code that fools millions of people into giving up their personal information, like login credentials or bank information. Primarily focussing on phishing scams like: The Homograph Attack, URL Spoofing, and Typo-squatting.

TSPP uses real phishing techniques but in an ethical way – by not collecting, storing or sharing any of your (victims) personal data. This way we want to educate and empower society into a state of cyber-awareness.


Want to phish somebody?

Dropbox, Facebook or Marktplaats.