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Every day criminals from all over the world are fishing for the personal information of innocent internet users via email and fake websites. Millions of people are fooled by phishing techniques, they voluntarily give personal details like passwords and financial information, often without even realizing.

The Slippery Phish Project (TSPP) uses real phishing techniques in an ethical manner to raise awareness about phishing scams.

doppelgänger websites and look-alike letters

slightly ọut of̣ characṭer

Letters from foreign languages are becoming increasingly popular within phishing scam domain names. Ranging from dotted letters to Cyrillic characters that look exactly the same as the Latin alphabet.

a false sense of security

Phishing scammers FAKE IT ‘TILL THEY MAKE IT

HTTPS and SSL don’t mean “trust this. They mean this is private. You may as well be having a private conversation with Satan. Scammers use real HTTPS and (green) SSL padlocks to create a sense of security. This doesn’t necessarily mean its safe.

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Share a screenshot of your ethical phishing link with us (@slipperyphish, instagram). Together we can spread the word and educate society into a state of cyber-awareness!

Here are a few slippery phishes.



How to phish: Right click. Copy the link. Send in a message. Bait and wait.
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Stay slippery.