A bit of context: What is The Slippery Phish Project? 

a.k.a. TSPP is an awareness campaign about phishing scams. Revealing the underlying and manipulative layer of code that fools millions of people into giving up their personal information, like login credentials or bank information. Primarily focussing on phishing scams like: The Homograph Attack, URL Spoofing, and Typo-squatting.

There are many phishing simulations for and by businesses and corporations. But surprisingly very few for the everyday internet users, like you. TSPP uses real phishing techniques but in an ethical way – by not collecting, storing or sharing any of your (victims) personal data. This way we want to educate and empower society into a state of cyber-awareness.

What is phishing? It is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as; usernames, passwords, and credit card details, often for malicious reasons by disguising as a trustworthy entity.

What is ethical phishing? This is the attempt to inform people about said phishing scams, by using the same or similar techniques, but with good intentions.

What is social engineering? The act of psychological manipulation of a human. It is a type of confidence trick for data gathering, fraud, or system access. Often being one of many steps in an elaborate fraud scheme or cybercrime.